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A city full of games and surprises

A city full of games and surprises

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Video-Vorschaumit den 3 Ampelinis

Go on a journey of discovery and playfully learn with Ampelini XL how to safely navigate your way around the city, where funny characters and strange creatures can be found on every corner.

Along the way, the Ampelinis – Gina, Grecco and Rocco – will help you master city safety rules. Through fun learning and search games, you will come across many situations in which you can use your skills. The Ampelinis are there to explain how to deal with everyday dangers you may encounter in real life. Download Ampelini XL in the App Store for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch and in the Google Play Store for Android devices.

Discover the interactive world of the Ampelinis

Explore the new Ampelini world of funny charactures and strange creatures.

  • Find the five silly danger gnomes that cause mischief in the Ampelini city.
  • Free the townspeople who have been put under a spell by an evil wizard.
  • Look for even more colorful animations that are hidden throughout the city.
  • Practice making your way through the city safely. You will learn how to act at bus stops, at traffic lights, on the sidewalk, at driveways and on the diving board at the swimming pool.
  • Learn about bicycle traffic safety.
  • Help the Ampelinis find 5 hidden bicycle helmets in the cityscape.
  • Now available in English.
  • Ampelini XL is free to download and does not contain advertising.
  • All games can be played offline and as often as desired.

Even more games with the original Ampelini App

iPhone mit Karten-Chaos-Spiel Ampelini App Icon

In our first Ampelini App (for iOS and Android), the Ampelinis help you stay safe on the playground, at the pool, at home or while out and about! You can also visit them in the theater and practice aerobics together with Grecco.

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